The Mission of Global Health College

November 25, 2016
Because the primary focus of Global Health College (GHC) has been on nursing education for more than a decade, they have a proven and unique ability to prepare medical professionals for productive careers in nursing. GHC has so many programs, they can assist virtually anyone in the nursing profession, regardless of whether a student is just beginning a nursing career or they’re nursing veterans who want to change specialties or enhance their skills.

Regardless of someone’s needs, Global Health College probably has a program to help. Because the founder and president of GHC is a nurse with practical experience in the field, this private nursing school infuses its teaching with real world experience. That approach can be very helpful when starting out. GHC has been approved by the Virginia Department of Veterans Services to provide education and training to veterans under the GI Bill and they have established an outreach program to offer services to high school students, as well as their parents and school counselors. They also offer scholarships to help students pay to see their dreams of a medical career fulfilled.

A Variety of Degrees Offered From Global Health College

May 12, 2016
With career educational tracks ranging from Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN), Registered Nursing Associate Diplomas, Medication Aide Certificates, to Nurse Aide Certificate programs, all of Global Health College’s programs are designed to meet your career education needs. Because Global Health College only offers nursing programs, you can be assured that your nursing education will be one of the best possible.

The President and Founder of the college has a nursing degree and practical experience in the field. Therefore, the President and Founder brings real world experience to Global Health College’s teaching environment. This also means that Global Health College is prepared to give their students the knowledge it takes to succeed in the working world of nursing.